Holy Mollee- Dancin VIP Style

Greetings Everyone-

What an overwhelmingly exciting and successful weekend we had at VIP Dance Competition this weekend!

Here is a run down on the awards our Dance Works Company received this weekend. This weekend was hands down, one of the most successful weekends yet! So proud of all of our dancers, teachers, and choreographers!

VIP LIST TOP 10 HIGHEST SCORE of Entire weekend:
Broadway level:
1st-Overtime (Platinum)
2nd-Transform Ya (Platinum)
5th-Compass (Platinum)

Hollywood level:
8th-Move Slower (Platinum)

Specialty Awards:
-Judges Choice award: Compass (Teen Contemporary)
-Judges Choice award: Dr. Jazz (Elite Tap)
-Best of the Best award: (highest scoring dance broadway category) Compass (Teen Contemporary)
-VIP Best of the Best award: (Highest scoring broadway dance of entire weekend): Overtime (Elite Crew)
-Choreography award: Move Slower (Elite Contemporary)
-Performance award: Overtime (Elite Crew)
-Performance award: Just Like Heaven (Faye/Jason duet)
-Entertainment Award: Transform Ya (Elite Crew Boy Ensemble)
-Jazz Award: Sneaker Night
-Tap Award: Cassidy Sainz
-Teen IDOL Soloist (Dancer with star quality): Cassidy Sainz
-Senior IDOL Soloist (Dancer with star quality): Sophia Smith
-SHOUTOUT: For having the best LIP COLOR!


Off-Broadway MINI Large Group Awards:
1st-Sneaker Night (High Gold)

Off-Broadway MINI Small Group Awards:
3rd-The Beat is Hot (High Gold)

Broadway MINI Large group Awards:
4th-Drag Race (High Gold)
6th-Dig a Little Deeper (High Gold)

Broadway JUNIOR Large Group Awards:
1st: Compass (Platinum)
5th:Parachute (High Gold)

Broadway TEEN Small Group Awards:
1st-Transform Ya (Platinum)

Broadway TEEN Large Group Awards:
1st-Overtime (Platinum)

Hollywood TEEN Small Group Awards:
5th-Islands (Platinum)

Hollywood TEEN Large Group Awards:
2nd-Move Slower (Platinum)

Broadway Teen/JR Soloist Top 10 OVERALL:
1st-Cassidy Sainz (Platinum)
5th-Avery Pratt (high gold)

Hollywood Senior Soloist Top 10 OVERALL:
2nd: Sophia Smith (Platinum)
6th: Faye Mckerlie (Platinum)
7th: Brennah Galvin (Platinum)

Platinum Awards: 9
High Gold Awards: 7

Platinum Awards: 6
High Gold Awards: 4

Again, we thank you for being present, dedicated, and hard working through this competition season. We are so proud to call these dancers ours! They are well deserving of everything they have achieved!

Michelle & Lory

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