I was so scared!!

The DanceWorks Halloween Society held the 2014 Halloween Gala this past Friday night at the Lone Oak Barn here in Round Rock. $8,040.00 was raised by the Society. An additional $1050.00 was raised by our DW Competitive Team Students by hosting a costume contest for those brave attendees which entered.

Three various theme inspired pieces were performed by our Lot4 production studio dancers that auditioned for our Halloween event earlier our dance year. Production performances were directed by our queen of Halloween, Miss Sonja, and as usual she as well as the performers didn’t disappoint.

Wonderful food and festivities were enjoyed by all, as well as an impromptu rematch between our DW Elite Crew boys and the DW Team Dads. Once again the youngsters were shamed by their elders in an encore performance of last year’s Battle of the Boys Band dance.

The event could not of happened without the help of some very special people. In addition to their daily schedules, they graciously gave their gift of time to plan, prepare, set up, and help clean up after our event. If you see any of these folks around the studios this week, please once again thank them for helping with raising funds for our Charity.

Keri Jackson- Sonja Snow – Roger Sopher -Caryn Pratt – Ava Robles – Leah Pennington – Natalie Haggerty – Robert and Kendall Reass – Kristen Taylor- Kaylie Seagler – Chef Rob Snow – Dave Pratt – Ken Jackson – Chris Stanley – Connie Bradley – Michelle Harger -Jennifer Taylor – Robert Harger – Brooks Slaughter – Anne Cano – Donna Ledbetter – Bill Ledbetter- Lacey Fisher – Megan Humphrey – Grace Bolanos -Ashley Andary – Kelly Forister – Delores Hernandez – Rema Uzri – Joe Hernandez – Arthur Pennie – Christine Rivera.

Many thanks to our DW Senior Elite, Elite Crew and Teen team costume judges – Jessica Bailey – Catie Robinson – Noa Johnson—Colton Sopher–Cassidy Sainz – Dacia Reichert and our chairperson Hope Lawrence. There were so many fun creative costumes that we know how difficult your judging must have been!

Thank you again to all of our supporters—have a Happy Halloween.


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