Stage One

Congratulations to The DW Competitive teams on their successful competition weekend at Stage One in Houston!

Stage One Awards

Elliot — Double Platinum; 2nd Overall; The One Intensive Scholarship
Gracie — Platinum
Brinnley¬†— Double Platinum
Sophia — Double Platinum
Kiana — Platinum
Addison — Double Platinum, High Score 1st
Briana — Double Platinum, High Score 1st, 7th Overall, Precision Award
Bria — Platinum, High Score 1st
Grace — Platinum
Aubrey — Platinum
Lauren — Platinum
Julie — Double Platinum, 20th Overall
Katie — Double Platinum, Intensity Award, 12th Overall
Bella — Double Platinum, Diva Award, 9th Overall
Colton — Double Platinum

Ella/Ava — Platinum, 5th Overall
Lauren/Makenna — Double Platinum, 2nd Overall
Brianna/Savannah — Double Platinum, 8th Overall
Grace/Aubrey — Platinum, 10th Overall

Mini Company
“Genesis” — Double Platinum, 7th Overall
“Cupcake Social Club” — Double Platinum, 4th Overall

Junior Company
“Stereo Soldier” — Double Platinum
“I’d Love to Change the World” — Double Platinum, 4th Overall

“Don’t Stop the Party” — Platinum

Teen Company
“Lost Without You” — Double Platinum High Score 1st, 8th Overall
“Night Crawlers” — Double Platinum, Precision Award
“Hustle” — Double Platinum, High Score 1st
“You and I” — Double Platinum, High Score 1st

Senior Crew
“Welcome to My Hood” — Swag Award, Double Platinum, High Score 1st, 4th Overall

Senior Elite Company
“Boom Ditty Boom” — Double Platinum, Showmanship Award, 9th Overall
“Porcelain” — Double Platinum, 4th Overall
“Escalate” — Platinum, 10th Overall
“Silhouette” — Platinum, 7th Overall

Congratulations! We can’t wait to watch you perform again!

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