Studio FAQ

We have put together a list of frequently asked questions. If you do not see the answer to your question or need some clarification, feel free to contact the studio!

How does the Dance Works differ from other dance schools?

Comfort to our parents while you are here with your dancer is important to us. The DanceWorks waiting/viewing area is a full service café! You are welcome to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee, or smoothie in overstuffed leather chairs while viewing your dancer on a flat screen television monitors. Our baristas are also available to assist you with your customer service needs should you have a question while your child is in class. The Dance Works dance studios are equipped with floating Marley floors to offer additional cushioning and support to our dancers, thus helping to prevent injuries and fatigue. The DanceWorks also offers a digital projection system for our higher level dancers to aid them in improving their dance skills/techniques. Dancers are filmed during certain times throughout the year both as a class and as individuals, and then view themselves on our projection television system. The DanceWorks feels that a visual learning tool is just as important as the classroom.

What is the make-up/cancellation policy?

If you miss a class, you can make up the missed class in a comparable dance class within two weeks of the missed class. Tuition is not reimbursed or refunded for missed classes. If a class needs to be cancelled, the studio director will contact the class in regard to a make-up day/time.

Are there dress requirements for the classes?

Yes, please check the policies page for a list of dress requirements. All students are required to wear a cover-up over dance attire when entering/exiting the studios. Students should not wear any dance shoes outside of the studios (studios are the actual dance studio, not the lobby/cafe waiting area). The soft leather and soles will stain and wear faster as well as cause harm to the Marley floors.

What if my child will be late to class?

Classes begin promptly and late entrance is disruptive to the learning environment established at the beginning of each class. Dancers arriving late will need to wait at the studio entrance until the instructor welcomes them into the classroom. This allows the instructor to finish instruction with the dancers present and allow a smooth transition for the dancer arriving late to enter the classroom. To prevent injury, dancers arriving more than 15 minutes late to class will be asked to view only. Our student’s physical safety is important to us and we would hate to have a dancer injured.

What is The Dance Works Company?

The Dance Works is very proud of its award-winning Dance Company which competes and performs locally. Participation is by director recommendation and Auditions are held each year in August. Dancers interested should contact the studio director. Company is for studio dancers which are 8 yrs and older.

What is a Spring Recital?

The highlight of the year for students and teachers is our annual performance that is held at the McNeil Performing Arts Center. This performance is optional and is held in June. Visit our recital page for more information.

Oh no! I’ve lost my shoes! What do I do?

The studio recommends labeling all dancewear, shoes, and personal items with the dancers name. We do our best to make sure that items are returned to their owners, however, without a name, we cannot be responsible for items that do not make it home. The studio offers a lost and found basket located at the hall entrance of the studio.

What holidays does the studio observe?

The DanceWorks operates on the same calendar as the Round Rock Independent School District. We are closed the week of Thanksgiving, as well as Winter and Spring holidays. Classes are held on teacher in-service days as well as Nationally observed holidays. If in doubt, please check our calendar. Please note that monthly tuition is based on the dance year, therefore tuition is not pro-rated for holidays or missed classes.

Can my child take a break from class and resume during the same calendar year?

The DanceWorks Curriculum is designed for students’ attendance from September thru June. Consistency in attendance is essential for improvement and growth in the dance elements, as well as guaranteeing class placement. Students wishing to discontinue instruction must give a two week written notice to withdraw from the class.