We Have A Date!!!

Welcome Back, Dancers and Parents, and if you’re new to our studio, Welcome to The Dance Works Family!

We are through the first couple of weeks of our 2016/17 Dance Season and are happy to have you all with us! We hope you and your dancers are enjoying classes so far. If you are unsure about the dress code for your child’s classes, please check our website!

2017 Recital Dates are Here!!

The Dance Works annual recital will be held on June 9-10, 2017 @ Raymond E Hartfield Performing Arts Center. Mark your calendars now. More information will be available in the spring and posted on the studio website.

Teachers will be sending home notes with your dancers next week—please read through as we’ve outlined important information pertaining to policies as well as holiday/vacation dates for us this year. As always, you can refer to our studio calendar on our website if you have questions.

Some dancers have asked, “What should dancers eat before and after class”:

Dancing is a phenomenal form of exercise, especially for children. They are staying fit and active, all while having fun. Just like exercise is important to your health, so is eating the correct foods. What dancers eat before class can have a major effect on their performance. Foods that contain plenty of carbohydrates and a moderate amount of protein are ideal, such as whole-wheat toast, whole-grain cereal, crackers, yogurt, vegetables, and fruit. A normal-sized meal should be eaten about 2 hours before the class, or a small snack right before. Some protein and fat is okay, but too much can take long to digest, causing a stomachache. Dancing on a full stomach can be uncomfortable, as well as cause a drop in energy level. As like for all athletes, water is essential to a good workout. Drinking a tall glass of water a half hour before class will produce the most benefits. Always bring a water bottle to class! What dancers eat after class is also significant to maintain a healthy body. Foods with complex carbohydrates, protein, and fat will help repair muscles and replenish energy. Some food ideas include chicken, a baked potato, peanut butter, brown rice, and vegetables. Eating 20-60 minutes after the class allows the body to store the food as fuel to help it recover. Most importantly, drinking lots of water after dance class will rehydrate the body. Being aware of what the dancer eats not only improves their dance experience, but also helps maintain a healthy body and lifestyle. Hope this helps!

Have a great and safe Labor Day weekend everyone!


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